The Legacy book series is part of a larger canon of historical and holy writings that bees call beelore.  I bet you didn’t know that. 😉 Beelore is written by different individuals throughout time yet make up one historical narrative. 

The bees hand down their history orally to the younger generation, typically by reading to them before they go to sleep each night.  This tradition is a vital practice in the bees’ pursuit of being noble.  When you finally have Legacy in your hands and you’re reading it, you’re going to notice that each chapter begins and ends with an italicized portion that we have nicknamed the Bookends.

The Bookends are an adult bee talking to younger bees before reading a chapter to them.  So, when you’re reading the bookends, remember it’s not me – the author – summarizing each chapter to you – the reader.  It’s the voice of an adult bee emphasizing principles to their children.  So, not only do you get to read a part of beelore by reading Legacy, but you get to see how beelore in inculcated and why the bees are so noble.

In Legacy: The Saga Begins, which is book one of the Legacy series, there is a mystery as to who the narrator is.  Who is the voice of the Bookends?  That is touchingly revealed at the end of the book, and of course, I won’t spoil it for you now.  In the newsletter, I’ll include my favorite bookend, so that you can get a sense of the voice and feel of the bookends. 

I appreciate you taking an interest in Legacy before the book is even out. It’s scheduled to be released in January 2023.  Just like you, I can’t wait either, but we must.  Until then, be noble.

hardcover version of Legacy by Michael Pietrack

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