Professionally, Pietrack is a high-performing executive recruiter, annually ranking among the very top globally.  He resides in Grand Junction, Colorado, where his wife and he are raising three young daughters (each making cameos in the book).

So, one may wonder, how did a busy business person and father of three find time and inspiration to write such a carefully crafted work like Legacy

Pietrack has produced several videos explaining the backstory to how Legacy came to be, including behind-the-scenes information about the characters and out-takes, which can be found on YouTube

Though an avid and well-followed blogger in his professional niche, Legacy is Pietrack’s first work of fiction: “I wanted to write a story for my girls that they would enjoy at all phases of life, one that would teach them life lessons, in the event I wasn’t there to do it myself.”  Pietrack admits that when he starting writing Legacy, he did not set out to write a book or even a gift for his children.  It was first intended as a gift for his dad, who in the end, encouraged him to publish it.

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hardcover version of Legacy by Michael Pietrack

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